Asset & Energy Management


The Ministry of Energy has passed a regulation under the Green Energy Act, 2009, that requires Ontario's public agencies to demonstrate the leadership role government plays in energy conservation. The regulation provides the Ontario government and public agencies with valuable information on how energy is used within each sector, allowing organizations to benchmark their facilities to similar facilities. 

The Green Energy Act Regulation 397/11, requires public agencies to prepare and publish the following documents:

  1. Annual reports on the energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the operation of specific City facilities; and
  2. A report outlining plans for the identification and implementation of energy conservation and demand management projects throughout City facilities. The first report was released in July 2014 and will be updated every five years thereafter.


Annual Reports

-       2011 Energy Consumption & Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report 

-       2012 Energy Consumption & Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report 

-       2013 Energy Consumption & Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report  

-       2016 Municipal Energy Plan


Conservation and Demand Energy Management (CDM) Plan 


Asset Management Plan

Municipalities own and manage a substantial asset inventory, from roads, bridges, sewers, and water mains, to land and facilities (e.g. arenas, fire stations, administrative buildings), to vehicles and equipment (e.g. trucks, plows).  
The City has prepared an  Asset Management Plan to provide a comprehensive reference for renewing, operating, maintaining, building, replacing and disposing of City's Assets. It is a planning tool that will allow assets to be prioritized and to help ensure that investments are made at the right time to minimize future repair and rehabilitation costs. 
The plan is based on the guidelines provided in the Province of Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure's Building Together Guide for Municipal Asset Management Plans. The Plan is based on currently available data and information on the core services of the City. The plan is a living document and will require continuous updates and improvements over time with the City's ongoing data collection programs.