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In 2000, the City of Temiskaming Shores became responsible for the administration of Provincial Offences Court for the municipal partners of the District of Temiskaming. The administrative office and main court are located in the Temiskaming Shores City Hall. We also have a satellite court in Kirkland Lake.

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Contact Us

Monday to Friday   8:30 a.m -   4:30 p.m.   (Closed During 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.)          
Location:   Provincial Offences Office
                    325 Farr Drive
                    P. O. Box 2050
                    Haileybury, ON
                    P0J 1K0

Telephone:    (705) 672-3221
Facsimile:     (705) 672-2911

Provincial Offences Email Contact

Manager of Court Services:   Louise Regan
Provincial Offences Clerk:     Sylvie Hearn

***Please note that court staff cannot provide legal advice.***

Methods of Payment

In Person at the Provincial Offences Office by cheque, money order, Visa, MasterCard or Debit card;

By Mail to:  Box 2050,
                    Haileybury, ON  P0J 1K0 

By our online payment portal.

By email to with your Visa or MasterCard information

By fax to 705-672-2911 with your Visa or MasterCard information

Make all cheques and money orders payable to City of Temiskaming Shores.

If sending Visa or MasterCard payment by mail, email or fax please fill out the payment notice, ensuring that the credit card number, expiry date are correctly and properly indicated.  If you do not have the payment notice, include a note giving our office authority to process the amount of your fine on your credit card account. The authorization is to be signed by the cardholder.

When making payment include the blue copy of the offence notice, or indicate the ticket number (on top right of the ticket)

Payments are credited only when they are received and processed at our office, not the postmark date.

Dishonoured cheques will be subject to a $40.00 administrative charge.  Only certified cheques and money orders will be accepted for previously dishonoured payments.

Available Options

When you receive your office notice (ticket) you have 15 days to exercise one of the options listed on the back of the offence notice. These options are explained below.

However, failure to take action within the 15 day time frame, you will be deemed not to dispute the charge and a conviction will be entered, subject to an administration charge.


Plea of Guilty  - Payment of Fine Out of Court

Remit the full amount indicated in the "Total Payable" box on your offence notice to the Provincial Offences Office.


Plea of guilty With an Explanation

Attend at the court office listed on the Offence Notice to speak with a Justice of the Peace. The Justice of the Peace after hearing your submissions may reduce the dollar amount of the charge or give an extension of time to pay. The Justice of the Peace cannot change the charge nor demerit points.

An appointment has to be scheduled with the Justice of the Peace. Please call the Provincial Offences Office at 705-672-3221 in order to make these arrangements.



Sign the reverse side of your offence notice (blue copy) and send to the Provincial Offences Office.

Ensure to indicate your proper mailing address, if it is different from the address on the front of the ticket.  You will receive a Notice of Trial in the mail.


If you received a Summons, it will indicate a court date instead of a fine.  You are required to attend court on the date indicated on the Summons. If you cannot attend, you must make arrangements for an agent to attend on your behalf.   If you or an agent fails to appear in court, a warrant may be issued for your arrest, or the court may proceed to trial in your absence. The procedures indicated above do not apply to Summons.   If you require additional information, call the Provincial Offences Office at 705-672-3221.


To speed up the administrative process, Court Services has made some forms available online. Please print out the form you require, fill it out and forward to our office for processing.

  1. If you wish to schedule a trial, but lost your copy of the certificate of offence  fill out Form POA831
  2. Extension of Time to Pay Fine Forms POA0809 (Fillable) and Application Information Sheet
  3. Reopening: Forms POA0801 (Fillable) and POA0819 (Fillable) Record of Reopening Application 
  4. In order to ask for an adjournment of your trial you must complete the Notice of Motion and Affidavit.    The original must filed in our office 3 clear days prior to the court date:

Notice of Motion (Fillable)

Notice of Affidavit (Fillable)

Guide for Defendants in Provincial Offences Cases

Guide pour les defendeurs dans les causes liees aux infractions provincials

Frequently Asked Questions

**Please note that court staff cannot provide legal advice**

Who are we?

In 2000, the City of Temiskaming Shores became responsible for the administration of Provincial Offences Court for the municipal partners of the District of Temiskaming. The administrative office and main court are located in the City of Temiskaming Shores. We also have a satellite court in Kirkland Lake.

Can I pay my ticket in Kirkland Lake?

No.  The administrative office is in the City of Temiskaming Shores.   All inquiries and payments have to be made at Provincial Offences Court, Box 2050, 325 Farr Drive, Haileybury, Ontario (705) 672-3221.

If you receive a ticket in the Kirkland Lake jurisdiction and request a trial, your trial will be held in Kirkland Lake.

What are Provincial offences?

Provincial offences are non-criminal charges, primarily laid by police agencies and other provincial offence officers. These include charges as follows:

  • Highway Traffic Act;
  • Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act;
  • Liquor License Act;
  • By law charges, including parking tickets;
  • Dog Owners Liability;
  • Trespass to Property Act;

Including as well all charges laid by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Health, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and others.

How many demerit points do I have?

Demerit points are controlled by the Ministry of Transportation. The Provincial Offences Court is only concerned with the administration of justice and has no control over demerit points. For driver and vehicle information, you should contact your local Minisitry of Transportation office at 416-235-2999 or 1-800-387-3445

What if I need more time to pay my fine?

If you need more time to pay a Provincial Offences fine, you need to make an application for an extension of time to pay the fine. The forms are available at any Provincial Offences Office. You will need to indicate a specific date that you would like the fine extended to. For larger fines, the Justices of the Peace in this area will require you to indicate your proposed payment plan, i.e. how much monthly are you able to pay.  Once the forms are completed you must return them to the Provincial Offences Office and they will be submitted to a Justice of the Peace for a decision.

What happens if I do not pay my fine?

  • Failure to pay your fine will result in enforcement activities. 
  • Suspension of driver's license  (Part I and III offences);
  • Unable to renew your license validation plate sticker  (Part II offence - parking ticket);
  • Matter will be referred to a collection agency;
  • Civil enforcement which may include: garnishment of wages, bank accounts, registering liens against your property ; etc.
  • Additional costs

My driver's license has been suspended.  What do I do now?

If you have received notification that your driver's license has been suspended due to unpaid fines, please contact your local Provincial Offences Office.

The unpaid fine will have to be paid in full in order to reinstate your license.  Once the fine is paid, you will also have to attend at the Ministry of Transportation (Driver and Vehicle License Issuing Office) in order to reinstate your license.   The reinstatement fee imposed by the Ministry of Transportation is $198.00.

If you pay your fine and not pay the reinstatement fee, you will still be considered to be a suspended driver.  If you drive, you could subject yourself to a driving while under suspension charge.

What is the victim fine surcharge (VFS) indicated on my ticket?

The Provincial Government adds a victim surcharge to every fine, excluding parking tickets, imposed under the Provincial Offences Act. The proceeds of the Victim Fine Surcharge fund are used by the province to maintain and expand services to victims of crime.

What if I cannot attend court on my scheduled trial date?

If you are unable to appear on the scheduled date, a motion and supporting Affidavit have to be filed requesting an adjournment. These must be completed and filed at least three (3) days before your scheduled court date. You may have an agent or representative attend on your behalf to speak to the motion. 

The forms can be obtained at any Provincial Offences Office or by contacting us at (705) 672-3221.

If you take no action, or do not file the required documentation, you will be found guilty of the offence in your absence.