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All Municipal plans and planning applications must be consistent with the policies set out by the Province in the Planning Act and the Provincial Policy Statement, 2005. Planning must also follow other Provincial plans, such as the Growth Plan for Northern Ontario, 2011, that are specific to the area. To review these plans and for more information, please follow the links below.

Official Plan Amendment

An Official Plan is a document that sets out the municipality's views on how land should be used in the community.  An Official Plan deals primarily with the physical aspects of expected growth and development and addresses such issues as: where new housing and retail space should be located; what services, such as water and sewers, will be needed; and what characteristics the new developments will have.

Zoning By-Law Amendment

When a proposal cannot meet the requirements of the by-law or a new use of the land is being proposed, the by-law requires an amendment.  If the proposal requires a change of use or a zoning by-law amendment this is referred to as a zoning by-law amendment or rezoning.

Consent to Sever

Generally speaking where an interest in land is being conveyed to another person, it requires consent approval under the Planning Act. These usually take the form of a lot severance (creating one (1) or more new lots), lot addition, right-of-way, or easement.  Most commonly, it is the creation of new lots.

Minor Variance

A minor variance is a minor amendment to the zoning by-law for a particular building or property (e.g., a building is to be built 13 feet from the side lot line instead of the required 15 feet).  It may also be for an expansion of a legal non-conforming use.

Plan of Subdivision

Go to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website, for more information on subdivisions, the process and the application.

Notice of Public Hearings

There are no Public Hearings scheduled at this time. Please take a look in Public Notices for information about pending applications.