Healthy Kids Community Challenge


It takes a village...

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge is Ontario's new drive to support the health of our children. The City of Temiskaming Shores has been chosen to be a part of it. That means new ideas and programs are coming to our community - things that make it easier for children to be active and eat healthier. These are key components to good health through adulthood.

Run. Jump. Play. Every day.

As parents, we know that being active every day is essential for growing children. Lots of good things happen when our kids move more. Stronger muscles and bones. Greater focus and attention. Self-confidence. Better coordination. Active kids are happier, they sleep better, and they do better in school.

Being active doesn't have to mean planned, structured exercise. Or something complicated to add to your long to- do list. Children are active by nature. All you have to do is encourage that natural urge to 'Run. Jump. Play. Every day.

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Healthy Kids Bulletin Board- What's New?


Great things are growing in our Healthy Kids Community!   Call Airianna for more details  705-498-1909 





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June 1st is Bike to School Day! 


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For further information check out Timiskaming Health Unit





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