Healthy Kids Community Challenge


It takes a village...

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge is Ontario's new drive to support the health of our children. The City of Temiskaming Shores has been chosen to be a part of it. That means new ideas and programs are coming to our community - things that make it easier for children to be active and eat healthier. These are key components to good health through adulthood.

Let's make the healthy choice.

Water is the natural choice for our kids to stay healthy and hydrated. It is essential to keep their bodies working and growing properly. With water, there's no need to worry about sugar, calories, additives, preservatives, or caffeine. Let's get our kids drinking more water and see how it really does wonders.

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Healthy Kids Bulletin Board- What's New?



Join us in Elk Lake on September 24th!



 The Water Does Wonders Community Garden in Elk Lake is almost ready for harvest!   Join us on October 1st for the FREE Community Feast.  Families will also learn about healthy drinking habits.



 Water Does Wonders at the 7th Annual Haunted Hustle taking place on October 30th, 2016.  Run or wallk on the beautiful STATO Trail!      Click Here for More Information




Tips for making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice!   For more information check out Bright Bites



 Come....Play and Learn with Timiskaming Child Care!







Keep the kids hydrated this summer with the natural choice---Water!   Try these fun recipes for flavoured water       Flavoured Water Recipes





Northern Harvest Temiskaming Good Food Box Program-  We will have fresh vegetables and fruit all year!





What is the Cost of Eating Well in Timiskaming?  Click here for the full report!

For further information check out Timiskaming Health Unit






It's time to Get Active in Temiskaming!   Event series are now posted here.



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