How do I obtain information on my property taxes?

You can access a wide range of tax information through our Taxation Services section of the website, or you can contact our Taxation Department:

P: 705-672-3363
F: 705-672-3200
Contact the Treasurer

Mail: City of Temiskaming Shores
PO Box 2050, 325 Farr Drive
Haileybury, ON  P0J 1K0

When are the property taxes due?

Property taxes are due four times a year: March 15th, May 15th, July 15th, and September 15th. (Or the following business day if the 15th falls on a weekend.)

How do I pay my property taxes?

The City of Temiskaming Shores offers a variety of tax payment options. Please refer to the item Tax Payments for further details.

Who do I make the cheque payable to?

All cheques must be made payable to the City of Temiskaming Shores.

How can I obtain a tax receipt?

Your final tax bill provides all information you require for income tax purposes. Should you require a reprint of the tax bill or an official tax receipt there will be a cost of $10 per property.

A receipt will be provided free of charge if you attend the City Hall at the time of payment with a copy of your tax bill. At which time our staff would stamp your bill as payment received. This can also be done if you send your payment by mail and include the copy of your bill along with a self-addressed stamped envelope, at which time we would stamp your bill and return it to you by mail.

How do I sign up for the Pre-authorized Payment Plan (PAP)?

To sign up to our PAP plan, you need to complete the application form and return it to our office along with a "void" cheque.

How do I cancel my Pre-authorized Payment Plan (PAP)?

To cancel your PAP plan all you need to do is provide a written request to remove the plan from your account. When an ownership change occurs, we automatically remove the plan from the account as soon as we receive notification from the lawyers involved in the sale transaction.

Are there any drop off locations for afterhours tax payments?

We currently have two drop off locations for afterhours payments. There are two drop-off boxes located at:

  • 325 Farr Drive, Haileybury  (City Hall)
  • 77 Wellington Street, New Liskeard (Pool Fitness Center)

Does the Tax Department accept post dated cheques?

We do accept post dated cheques for all payments.

How do I change my name or have a name removed from my tax account?

Our tax system must match the information as registered at the Land Registry Office. These changes must therefore be made at the Registry's office beforehand. A copy of the completed change on the prescribed form must then be submitted to the City for our records.

How much is a Property Information Certificate (Formally Known as a Tax Certificate)?

The City of Temiskaming Shores has a flat fee of $150 per roll number .for Property Information Certificates.

I removed my swimming pool, how can I receive my tax adjustment?

Once you've removed your swimming pool, we require that you contact our Planning Department and make an appointment to have the building inspector come in and inspect the location to confirm that the pool has been removed. The Tax Department will then receive confirmation from the Planning Department and make all necessary adjustments from that point on.

My house has been changed to a single unit dwelling, how can I get my water and sewer charge adjustment?

Once the property has been converted back into a single unit dwelling, you must contact our Planning and Development Department at 705-672-3363 and make an appointment to have someone come in and look at the property to confirm the status of the conversion. Once confirmation has been received, the Tax Department will adjust your water and sewer charges accordingly.

If I build a garage or an extension to my house, will my taxes go up?

Yes, this new structure will add value to your property which in turn will increase the assessed value. The assessed value is in turn multiplied by the set tax rate which gives you your total annual taxes.