Covers for books mentioned in the blog

The book-to-movie trend isn’t letting up this year. If you like to read a book before you see the screen adaptation, here’s a list of books we have that are expected to be released as movies this year.

The historical fiction, Native Son by Richard Wright was released at the Sundance Film Festival. If you want to pick up the book, you can find it in Haileybury.

Stephen King books have become popular again with the movie adaptations in the past few years. There is a remake of Pet Sematary set to hit theatres on April 5. You can borrow the paperback or audio book from the New Liskeard branch.

Where’d You Go Bernadette had been scheduled for 2018 but is now going to be released on August 9. If you want to check out the story before you see it, you can borrow the audio book from Haileybury.

The children’s classic Artemis Fowl is coming out August 9. You can find the book in Haileybury.

Woman in the Window was a popular thriller so it’s no surprise the movie will be released October 4. If you want to read it first, you can pick up a copy at either branch.

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt will hit theatres October 11 and is available in book form at the Haileybury branch.

On November 15, the film version of The Good Liar will be released in theatres. The book by Nicholas Searle is available in New Liskeard.

Some classics being redone this year include:
Another movie based on the book Little Women is set for a Christmas release. If you want to read the book, find it at either branch, or listen to the audio book from New Liskeard.

Jack London’s Call of the Wild will hit the screens again. The new movie also comes out on December 25. Both branches carry a copy.

There are a couple books being released as television series:
Catch-22 by Joseph Heller will be a series on  this year. If you want to read the book first, you can borrow it from Haileybury.

The much anticipated Good Omens mini-series, based on the book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, will hit Amazon Prime this year. You can read the paperback at the New Liskeard branch.