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Halloween is almost here and why not spend some quiet time with a spooky title after all the trick or treating is done. Here are a several select items to have a festive read this hallows eve.

Things in a Jar cover

“Things in Jars,” by Jess Kidd (FIC KID) – A bloody and gritty paranormal mystery in Victorian London 1863, not for the faint of heart.


The Drowning Kind cover

“The Drowning Kind” by Jennifer McMahon (FIC MCM) – An atmospheric yet subtle ghost story with a layered, split storyline involving a mysterious spring.


Haunted Destiny cover

“Haunted Destiny,” by Heather Graham (FIC GRA) – Fast-paced, action-packed romantic thriller that takes place during a deadly storm with a serial killer on the loose aboard a haunted ship.


The Last Victim cover

"The Last Victim” by Karen Robards (FIC ROB) – The third installment of a unique series. A well rounded paranormal mystery with a humour and romance.


Salem's Lot cover

“Salem’s Lot” by Stephen King (FIC KIN) – Stephen King’s second published novel. An eerie tale of a man returning home to find strange, yet evil events slowly taking over the town. Known for being a truly frightening read.


The Chill cover

“The Chill” by Scott Carson (FIC CAR) – A mystery involving the inspection of dam with a history of flooding out a village. This author teaches the reader on dams during this read.


The Spellbook of Katrina Van Tassel cover

“The Spellbook of Katrina Van Tassel: a story of Sleepy Hollow” by Alyssa Palombo (FIC PAL) – A retelling of the classic tale Sleepy Hollow told from the perspective of Katrina Van Tassel.


The Haunting of Jessop Rise cover

“The Haunting of Jessop Rise” by Danny Weston (YA WES) – A great introduction to the Horror and Suspense genres.  An orphaned fourteen-year-old is invited to live with his long-estranged uncle at a haunted mansion where he must solve a dark and terrifying mystery.


Curse of the Boggin cover

“Curse of the Boggin,” by D.J. MacHale (J Mac #1) – A fast-paced and engaging mystery for young readers. A thirteen-year-old boy discovers a magical Library and must protect it as well as himself from a mysterious ghost.


The Graveyard Book cover

“Graveyard Book, The” by Neil Gaiman (J Gai) – A story of a human boy raised by the supernatural. Uplifting and yet sinister.


Ghost in the Machinery cover

“Ghost in the Machinery,” by Stefan Petrucha (J KEE #9) – A graphic novel of Nancy Drew’s adventures. This is the first of the High Miles Mystery series involving a highly efficient engine hidden in a tank that is rumoured to be haunted.


Legend of Sleepy Hollow DVD cover

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (DVD LEG) – The 1999 TV movie of the classic tale by the same name. A new schoolmaster comes to town and falls in love with a noble’s daughter. Her other suitor wishes to scare him away with the local legend of the headless horseman.


The Conjuring DVD cover

The Conjuring (DVD CON) – Based on the historical events of the Perron family. Two paranormal investigators are hired to come examine the Perron house only to discover what haunts them there.