The review of the level of service for animal care and control has concluded and recommendations have been authorized and endorsed by Council on June 6, 2023.

As a result, the City of Temiskaming Shores has taken the necessary steps to establish a Pilot Program for Animal Care and Control, known as Temiskaming Shores Animal Care & Control.

The pilot program will take some time to fully establish all components, with the first step being a review of the new Animal By-law and consultation with key stakeholders and the public to ensure an appropriate community-wide approach.

This phased-in approach will be necessary to ensure the community needs are clearly understood, resources are properly arranged, and roles, responsibilities and best practices are established for all.

In efforts to provide a platform for community consultation, a Public Survey, along with the draft animal by-law and supporting key information on the pilot program will be available for comment and feedback between August 14 – September 11, 2023, through the website at Temiskaming Shores - Animal Care & Control. All are encouraged to review this information and provide input by completing the survey.

As part of this project, upgrades to the Haileybury Marina Building on Farr Drive will be completed to host animals which may become impounded for running at large, protective care or otherwise. General provisions regarding seizure and impoundment can be in the draft Animal Care and Control By-law.

Care at the facility will be provided by individuals with a demonstrated knowledge of animal care and operational practices. Appointed officers will strive to consistently enforce the Animal By-law and other provincial legislation using humane practices and will work in partnership with several local organizations and agencies to ensure animals receive support and safe harbor impacted by each situation.

The upgrades and recruitment will commence shortly, and further information will be posted as it becomes available to continue to keep the community informed of the progress.

It is important that all owners continue to take responsibility for pets and be considerate to neighbors, ensuring pets do not disturb or harm others and are always under care and control. 

The Animal By-law provides requirements for owners of pets and licensing requirements. Responsible pet ownership is crucial for the well-being of both animals and the community.

The city is committed to supporting community initiatives and organizations aimed at improving the welfare of animals and will strive for a foundation for the humane treatment of companion animals and adapt practices to meet the needs of animals, citizens, and situations within the municipality and hope for a collaborative approach during the pilot process.

Please note, the city is working on establishing partnerships and best practices and all organizations, agencies or other stakeholders or advocacy groups are encouraged to participate in public consultation and to express interest in opportunities to become involved.


Animal Care & Control Review Team