Poster with statistics


2020 was an incredibly busy year for the library, despite the closures and shut downs of services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The early months of the year were spent preparing for the library move while continuing with regular library programs and events. In March, April and May, when the library was unexpectedly shut down due to the pandemic, staff members took advantage of the shutdown to pack up the library branches and sell off furnishings and shelving that would not be used in the new location.

Boxes in moving truckJune and July were spent moving and unpacking hundreds of boxes of books in the new location. In all, around 1000 boxes were moved from the two previous locations, with an additional 100 boxes moved up to the Northern College Library in Haileybury to await the beginning of the partnership to provide public library services to that area of Temiskaming Shores. In August the Temiskaming Art Gallery helped put the finishing touches on the new building by hanging the library’s collection of art pieces on the walls. The library opened for contactless pickup of items in early August.

September through December were spent settling into the new location and opening fully to the public, with COVID-19 restrictions, of course. The new city and library website was launched, and the Library Board presented their 2020-2025 Strategic Plan to City Council. Although regular programming was not possible, the Gadget Helper program was restarted, and some creative children’s programming took place, such as a story on the windows of the library and take away craft bags.

In total, the library was closed to the public for six months. Here are some of the key activities of 2020:

Circulation of books and materials: 19,789

Circulation of eBooks and magazines: 11,664

Visits to the library in person or to participate in contactless pickup: 15,726

Uses of the library’s wifi: 14,567

Here is a financial summary of 2020 revenues and expenditures:



City of Temiskaming Shores:  $366,960

Province of Ontario: $23,259

Municipal Grants, Contracting Townships: $12,475

Library Revenue: $11,158

Trust Fund: $10,000

Special Grants: $5,681

Total: $ 429,533



Staff, Benefits, Training: $336,124

Books, DVDs, CDs, Magazines & materials for processing: $32,367

Buildings/Maintenance: $43,569

Computers and IT Services: $9,838

Office supplies and equipment: $6,995 

Programming: $140

May and Frances Ball Memorial Scholarship: $500

Total:  $ 429,533


The Library Board and Staff are pleased to be fully open to the public in our new location and proudly invite members of the public in to have a look around!