Vetran wearing medals and poppy

As a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, I can say with certainty that those who are presently serving, and those who’ve served in the past, truly do appreciate acknowledgement of their military service.

With that being said, the Temiskaming Shores Public Library will be closed on Remembrance Day so that we can show our respect to the great veterans who fought for our freedom.  We do wish to remind our patrons that we have a great selection of books pertaining to the Canadian Armed Forces, Remembrance Day and the world wars.

  • Remembrance Day – Jill Foran  (J394.26 FOR)
  • Remembrance Day: “Lest We Forget” – Jill Foran  (JX FOR)
  • Remembrance Day – Meguido Zola  (J394.2 ZOL)
  • Everday Heroes: Inspirational stories from men and women in the Canadian Armed Forces (edited by Jody Mitic)  (355.009 MIT)
  • Better Off Dead: post traumatic stress disorder and the Canadian Armed Forces – Fred Doucette  (616.852 DOU)

There are far too many books about the wars to list them all, but staff will be happy to help you find them.

I would also like to highlight an upcoming program ‘Pay It Forward’.  This program is for all ages and involves writing a Christmas card or a letter to a member of the Canadian Armed Forces who is serving out of the country this holiday season.

The Temiskaming Shores Public Library will supply the cards, envelopes and stationery and you supply the heartfelt, cheerful and uplifting words to the soldiers.  We’ll then package them all up, apply the necessary postage and mail them off and we’ll all have done our small part in Paying It Forward.  I’m sure they’ll appreciate every card and letter.