The Temiskaming Shores Fire Department is dedicated to prepare and deliver life safety and educational programs to the public that effectively reduce identified community risks. The educational services and programs our department provides vary to meet the needs of our citizens of all ages and are geared toward educating the public in fire safety and awareness. Our department is always ready to assist any public concerns and answer questions that may arise. The following are a few of our programs. If you have any questions about any of the programs and services we offer, please contact the City of Temiskaming Shores or the Temiskaming Shores Fire Department (705) 647-8298.

Guide to Safe Student Accommodations

 Alarmed for Life Program

The overall goal of the Alarmed for Life Program is ensure every home in Temiskaming Shores is equipped with working smoke alarms, and that the occupants are aware of proper maintenance procedures. The program is also designed to provide important fire safety information to occupants including home fire escape planning. For more information please click on the following links:


The overall goal of the program is to ensure we reach the majority of older adults in the community with important fire safety messages. The program is designed to provide important fire safety information geared to older adults 65 years of age and over. 


The TAPP-C program is a program that brings together fire service and counselling professionals to help families deal effectively with children and teens involved in fire-play.

The fire service professionals educate children and their families about fire and how to develop good fire safety practices. Counselling professionals assess the risk of continued fire involvement and help children and their families deal with problems that may contribute to the fire setting. TAPP-C is free-of-charge and is available to children from 2 - 17 years of age.

The Temiskaming Shores Fire Service continues to recognize the importance of this life saving program. Our goal is to ensure our citizens are able to obtain the help they may need when dealing with problems related to fire setting. 

Sparky's Hazard House

The Temiskaming Shores Fire Department's fire prevention program operates on the basic premise that education is the key to saving lives and property from fire. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". In addition to public education being a legislative requirement under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, and with the understanding that prevention is key to reducing fire losses, the Hazard House Simulator will assist staff to enhance the fire prevention program by educating the public and creating awareness about fire hazards. By doing so, it will help reduce actual fires and casualties. The following represents the key benefits to using the hazard house:

  • Communication Impact - The Hazard House has all the components necessary to generate the maximum impact on all age groups. The simulator's special effects and interactivity will improve opportunities to get the audience's attention and keep it while the learning and interactivity takes place.
  • Results in Changing People's Behaviour - The visual effects and the many captivating interactive prompts of the Hazard House simulator will assist in changing people's behaviour in all age groups to prevent fires or even loss of life.


Follow this link to review the Fire Prevention Policy.

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