Planning Process

The Ontario Environmental Assessment Act (the Act) and the associated regulation and guidance documents on waste management projects (O.Reg.101/07; MOE 2007a), require that an Environmental Assessment (EA) pursuant to Part II of the Act be completed for the development of a new landfill with a proposed capacity of more than 100,000m3. The EA process involves two steps.

  1. Preparation of Terms of Reference (complete; approved November 28, 2012)
  2. Environmental Assessment (complete, submitted September 2, 2016)

The EA was completed based on the approved ToR as approved. The EA provides the following:

  • Identification of alternatives
  • Assessment of the environmental effects
  • Identification of preferred alternative and its environmental effects
  • Identification of measures to avoid, minimize and/or mitigate adverse effect of the alternative
  • Detailed information on the alternative

The EA process, associated studies, evaluations, and conclusions are documented in the EA Report.

The EA process provides transparency in the decision-making and extensive opportunities for public consultation and involvement of Aboriginal Communities in the planning process. See the Community Consultation section for additional details.