Welcome to the Temiskaming Shores Fire Department web page. Here you will find an abundance of information about our department, our firefighters, our history, and a wealth of information about fire safety and fire prevention.

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Fire Services 

Chief Steve Langford 
Address | 181 Drive-In Theatre Road, Dymond
Mail | PO Box 2050, Haileybury, Ontario, P0J1K0
Phone | 705-647-8298
Fax | 705-647-8297
Email | slangford@temiskamingshores.ca 

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We invite your comments, suggestions, and requests, and hope you have an enjoyable visit.  

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Open Air Burn Permit

General Information 

Burning Permits are Required

Open air burning is regulated within the municipality. Open air burning will only be conducted with approval of the Chief Fire Official and/or his/her designate and in accordance with the conditions set out in the Burning By-law.

The Temiskaming Shores Fire Department would like to remind all residents of the following:

  • Before burning, all residents are required to obtain a Burning Permit.
  • Burning Permits are required each year from January 1 to December 31
  • Burning during the day is not permitted from April 1 until October 31
  • Permitted burn times are between the hours of 6:00pm and 8:00am
Permit fees 

Annual Permits (Renewal) | $20.00

Annual Permits (New or altered sites) | $30.00

Burning Permits renewal locations
  • City Hall | 325 Farr Drive, Haileybury
    Monday to Friday 
    8:30am - 4:30pm 
  • Dymond Fire Hall | 181 Drive In Theatre Road, Dymond
  • Online Buring Permit Application Form
    Fire Permits Form

Safe Burning Information 

Choose a safe time | Any fire is more likely to get out of control on a hot, dry, or windy day. Only burn during the coolest and calmest time of the day. 

Keep your fire small | Only burn what you can effectively control.

Choose a safe site | The fire site must be at least five meters from any building or other combustibles.

Stay with your Fire | If you start a fire outdoors, you must take all necessary steps to tend to the fire, keep it under control, and extinguish it before leaving the site. 

Burning materials | You may only burn dry woody type materials. You may not burn:

  • Grass or leaves (unless approved by Chief Fire Official)
  • Household garbage
  • Petroleum products
  • Plastics
  • Rubber 

Respect your Neighbour | Don't burn where smoke will bother your Neighbour or blow across roadways and hamper visibility. 

View or print a copy of the safe burning information sheet.

Safe Burning Information Sheet


View or print a copy of the Open Air Burning By-Law and current amendments. 

By-Law No. 2011-138 - Regulate and Control Open Air Burning 

Amendment - By-Law 2012-156

Amendment - By-Law 2013-119

Fire Services Staff

Fire Chief - Steve Langford 

On behalf of all the members of the Temiskaming Shores Fire Department, welcome to our website.

We work hard to serve our community and hope that you find this web site to be informative and useful. The Temiskaming Shores Fire Department is dedicated to providing excellent service to our community and making a difference in the lives of the people we serve. I know that through the efforts of our members, our interventions are enhancing and changing our community one life at a time.

The department has always been committed to the protection of life and property, the reduction of damage to the environment due to fires, hazardous materials, natural disasters and other emergencies. This is accomplished by the effective and efficient utilization of professionally trained and competent personnel, resources, equipment and technology.

We are a Department driven by values, and our values are to serve with passion, respect, quality and integrity. The men and women of the department are proud to serve the City of Temiskaming Shores, and stand ready to provide the highest level of service possible. Constant training, evaluation and excellent equipment ensure that personnel are always ready to serve.

It is my hope that the information provided on our web site will provide you with a better understanding of the Temiskaming Shores Fire Department, and the many services that we provide.

 Station 1 - Haileybury

District Chief - Kyle Brown

District Deputy Chief - Steve Belanger

Captain - Danny Belanger

Captain - Garett Hunting

Captain - Kevin Hallworth

Captain - Rick Shaver

Firefighter - Bradley Hearn

Firefighter - Chris Lauzon

Firefighter - David Barton

Firefighter - Dean Franks

Firefighter - Gideon Lundholm

Firefighter - Grant Noble

Firefighter - Jocelyn Plante

Firefighter - Lawrence Pye

Firefighter - Leo Geoffroy

Firefighter - Marc Lalonde

Firefighter - Rheal Allard

Firefighter - Shawn Thibodeau

Firefighter - Timothy Goodyear

Recruit Firefighter - Bryan Cooke

Recruit Firefighter - Chris Lachapelle

Recruit Firefighter - Eric Begemann

Recruit Firefighter - Jesee Jones

Recruit Firefighter - Matthew Golcic

 Station 2 - New Liskeard

District Chief - Jamie Sheppard

District Deputy Chief - Rod McNair

Captain - Dave Bowering

Captain - Mark Manners

Captain - Greg Miller

Captain - Sean Goddard

Firefighter - Donald Desjardins

Firefighter - Perry Beaudoin

Firefighter - Debbie St. Louis

Firefighter - Larry Elliott

Firefighter - Wayne Knight

Firefighter - Eric St. Louis

Firefighter - Ryan Eckensviller

Firefighter - Richard Trottier

Firefighter - Jason Boyce

Firefighter - Matthew Del Monte

Firefighter - Dustin Catt

Firefighter - Ian Laferriere

Firefighter - Kevin Utas

Firefighter - Codey Sheppard

Recruit Firefighter - Hayden Fiset

Recruit Firefighter - Spencer Wilson

 Station 3 - Dymond

District Chief - Gaston Beaubien

District Deputy Chief - Michel Laberge

Captain - Donald Drinkill

Captain - Darcy Brazeau

Captain - Ronald Quenneville

Captain - Greg Drinkill

Firefighter - Ian Mackey

Firefighter - Darrell Phaneuf

Firefighter - Damase Plante

Firefighter - Ronald Brazeau

Firefighter - Gilbert Breault

Firefighter - Mario Plante

Firefighter - Gaetan Breault

Firefighter - Eric Plante

Firefighter - Joel Plante

Firefighter - Raymond Brazeau

Firefighter - Jason Eckensviller

Firefighter - Kevin Plant

Firefighter - Brian Teal

Firefighter - Adam Ranger

Firefighter - MJ Hoyle

Firefighter - Denis Gosselin

Full Time - Administrative

Fire Chief - Steve Langford

Fire Prevention Officer - Jocelyn Plante

Become a Fire Fighter


For information on joining the Temiskaming Shores Fire Department, please review the links below.

Recruitment and Retention Program

For more information on becoming a Volunteer Firefighter, contact  any member of the Temiskaming Shores Fire Department, or applications may be obtained from the Fire Department Administration Office located at 181 Drive-In Theatre Road, New Liskeard.


Volunteer Firefighter Application

Junior Firefighter Application

Firefighters Associations 

Temiskaming Shores 

Volunteer Fire
Department Fire Chief | Steve Langford
Phone | 705-672-3363 x4702


Volunteer Fire Department
Fire Chief | Shawn Hearn
Phone | 705-679-8345


Volunteer Fire Department
Fire Chief | André Robert
Phone | 705-562-2020


Volunteer Fire Department
Fire Chief | Bill Laurila
Phone | 705-544-7525

Fire Prevention 


The Temiskaming Shores Fire Department is dedicated to prepare and deliver life safety and educational programs to the public that effectively reduce identified community risks.

The educational services and programs our department provides vary to meet the needs of our citizens of all ages and are geared toward educating the public in fire safety and awareness. Our department is always ready to assist any public concerns and answer questions that may arise.

The following are a few of our programs. If you have any questions about any of the programs and services we offer, please contact the City of Temiskaming Shores or the Temiskaming Shores Fire Department.

Phone | 705-647-8298.

View or print a copy of the brochure for the guide to safe student accommodations. 

Guide to Safe Student Accommodations

Public Prevention Notices 

View or print a copy of the below listed 2024 public notices in regards to fire prevention. 

Butt Out Smoking Fires

Stay Fire Safety While Staying Warm

Pull the Plug on Electrical Fires

Fire Extinguishers

Time to Change your Clocks and the Batteries in all Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Barbecue Safety

Only You Can Prevent Cooking Fires

Flooding and Fire Safety 

Clothes Dryer Fire Safety Tips

Cottage Fire Safety Tips

RV's, Trailers and Campers: Propane and Barbecue Safety Tips

Every Second Counts! Plan 2 Ways Out!

Alarmed for Life Program 

The overall goal of the Alarmed for Life Program is ensure every home in Temiskaming Shores is equipped with working smoke alarms, and that the occupants are aware of proper maintenance procedures. The program is also designed to provide important fire safety information to occupants including home fire escape planning.

For more information, view or print a copy of the brochure for smoke alarm installation and maintenance. 

Smoke Alarm Installation and Maintenance

Older and Wiser Program 

The overall goal of the program is to ensure we reach the majority of older adults in the community with important fire safety messages. The program is designed to provide important fire safety information geared to older adults 65 years of age and over. 

TAPP-C Program 

The TAPP-C program is a program that brings together fire service and counselling professionals to help families deal effectively with children and teens involved in fire-play.

The fire service professionals educate children and their families about fire and how to develop good fire safety practices. Counselling professionals assess the risk of continued fire involvement and help children and their families deal with problems that may contribute to the fire setting.

TAPP-C is free-of-charge and is available to children from 2 - 17 years of age.

The Temiskaming Shores Fire Service continues to recognize the importance of this life saving program. Our goal is to ensure our citizens are able to obtain the help they may need when dealing with problems related to fire setting. 

Sparky's Hazard House 

The Temiskaming Shores Fire Department's fire prevention program operates on the basic premise that education is the key to saving lives and property from fire. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". In addition to public education being a legislative requirement under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, and with the understanding that prevention is key to reducing fire losses, the Hazard House Simulator will assist staff to enhance the fire prevention program by educating the public and creating awareness about fire hazards. By doing so, it will help reduce actual fires and casualties. The following represents the key benefits to using the hazard house:

  • Communication Impact - The Hazard House has all the components necessary to generate the maximum impact on all age groups. The simulator's special effects and interactivity will improve opportunities to get the audience's attention and keep it while the learning and interactivity takes place.
  • Results in Changing People's Behaviour - The visual effects and the many captivating interactive prompts of the Hazard House simulator will assist in changing people's behaviour in all age groups to prevent fires or even loss of life.


View or print a copy of the City of Temiskaming Shores Fire Prevention By-law 2015-194. 

By-law 2015-194 - Fire Prevention Policy.

View the Ontario Government Fire Code Regulation. 

O. Reg. 213/07: FIRE CODE (ontario.ca)

For additional information learn about the role of the Office of the Fire Marshall and how it supports fire protection and prevention in Ontario. 

The Office of the Fire Marshal | ontario.ca

General Information 

Fire Extinguisher  

In most cases, the best thing to do in a home fire is to get everyone out of the home immediately and call the fire department from outside:
• Make sure working smoke alarms are installed on every storey of the home and outside all sleeping areas.
• Everyone in the home should practice a home fire escape plan so everyone knows what to do BEFORE a fire occurs.
Many people who decide to purchase a fire extinguisher might not know how or when to use them.
Fire extinguishers should be used only by people who have been trained to use them. People are encouraged to contact their local fire department if they would like fire extinguisher training or have any questions.
The following tips can help people who are thinking about buying a fire extinguisher for their home:
• Consider purchasing a fire extinguisher that has an ABC rating. This type can be used for most types of fires.
• Choose a fire extinguisher that has the logo of an independent, accredited product safety testing agency such as ULC.
• Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding where the extinguisher should be placed in the home.
• Inspect the fire extinguisher once a month and have it serviced by a certified technician every year.
• Fire extinguishers should be used only on small, contained fires. Never let the fire get between you and the exit.
To operate a fire extinguisher, remember the acronym PASS:
• Pull the pin.
• Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire.
• Squeeze the trigger.
• Sweep the extinguisher from side to side until the extinguisher is empty.
• Know when to go. If the fire does not go out after using one fire extinguisher, back out of the area, close the door if possible, and safely get outside and call 9-1-1.
• Remember that many stovetop fires can be safely extinguished without the use of a fire extinguisher. If a pot on the stove starts on fire, slide a lid over the pot to smother the flames and turn off the stove. Leave the pot in place until it has cooled completely.