Due to significant demand, all units for the 2024 FoodCycler Pilot Program have been sold and assigned to local residents. Moving forward, the City is maintaining a waitlist to determine if there is enough interest to run another pilot program following the completion of the current pilot. 

 FoodCycler™ Pilot Program Online Waitlist Form 

The In-Home Food Waste Diversion Solution 

Join the municipality in tackling food waste by piloting FoodCycler™ technology in your home.

The FoodCycler™ is an energy-efficient food recycler which transforms your leftovers and food scraps into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. The aerobic process reduces food waste by up to 90%* of its original volume, leaving a garden-ready supplement that is scientifically proven to nourish your garden.

 Only 100 Spots Available!Registration now open

Only one entry per household is permitted. 

Registration is now open and will be on a first-come, first-served basis, while quantities last.

Register for the FoodCycler™ Program by scanning the QR Code or visiting the online registration form. 

FoodCycler™ Pilot Program Online Registration Form 

FoodCycler™ Pilot Program 


The City of Temiskaming Shores has entered into an agreement with Food Cycle Science to establish a pilot program that would allow for 100 FoodCycler™ machines to be purchased by residents of Temiskaming Shores at a discounted cost of $150 (+ HST) (FC-30 Model - Regularly $500) or $300 (+HST) (Maestro Model - Regularly $800) in exchange for recording their usage over the course of the program. Once the pilot program is complete, the FoodCycler™ machine is yours to keep!

Only one entry per household is permitted.

The pilot program will run for 12 weeks beginning in March, 2024 and ending in May, 2024. Each household that receives a FoodCycler™ will be asked to track how many "cycles" they run their FoodCycler™ through each week. For example, if you fill your FoodCycler™ up with organic waste and run the machine once per day for a week, you will mark down that you ran your unit 7 times. This tracking allows Food Cycle Science and the Municipality to estimate the total waste diversion achieved over the 12-week pilot program. At the end of the 12 weeks, participants are asked to fill out an exit survey, providing their review of the program and any other feedback they may have. The survey results are used to evaluate the program's success.

Food Cycle Science is looking to receive high-quality data from the pilot program participants regarding food waste diversion, as well as receive high-quality feedback from residents, staff, and council regarding the feasibility of a FoodCycler™ food waste diversion program for the City of Temiskaming Shores and similar communities (data to be submitted to Impact Canada). It would also demonstrate the viability of the technology and solutions in a municipal setting so the model can be redeployed in other similar communities in Canada.

This pilot program has several benefits for Temiskaming Shores, such as an opportunity to trial a home-based food waste diversion solution at a cost well below market prices and increasing waste diversion rates, therefore, decreasing waste disposal costs.

 FoodCycler™ Municipal Pilot Program Resident Guide

View or print a copy of the FoodCycler™ Municipal Pilot Program Resident Guide.

 Municipal Pilot Program - Resident Guide 

Pilot Project Timelines - March 2024 to May 2024 (12 weeks)

Timeline Purchase Your Unit

FoodCycler™ FC-30 | $150 CAD (+ HST)
FoodCycler™ MAESTRO | $300 CAD (+ HST)

Pilot Duration

Divert your food waste using the FoodCycler™ for a period of 12 weeks. Track the amount of waste you divert with a tracking sheet (to be provided to you by the municipality)

End Date 

Fill out a closing survey (to be provided by the municipality) about your experience using the FoodCycler™. Once complete, the FoodCycler™ is yours to keep!

What is a FoodCycler™? 

FoodCycler OffersThe FoodCycler™ is a closed-loop indoor compost alternative that speeds up the natural decomposition process through aerobic digestion of waste. The unit dries and grinds food waste into a dry, odorless nutrient-rich by-product that is significantly reduced in weight and volume from its unprocessed state. The product is free from bacteria, weed seeds, and food-borne pathogens that were eliminated during the process.

  • Up to 90% volume reduction.
  • Quiet, compact, odourless operation.
  • Easy to clean, easy to operate, no special training or skills required.
  • Quick (compared to composting, the FoodCycler™ processes food waste in hours, instead of months).
  • Produces a valuable soil amendment, low in odour, and less attractive to wildlife.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) impact vs. landfill.

Discussions with Food Cycle Science have indicated that based on several factors the City of Temiskaming Shores has the opportunity to divert approximately 200 Tonnes of organic waste from the landfill per year with just 100 units. Based on this, 100 households could divert approximately 260 Tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. 


Why should I participate?

Did you know that up to 50% of Household waste is composed of food waste? By helping your municipality address food waste, you are supporting your community's environmental initiatives, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Benefits to the participants of the FoodCycler™ Pilot Program
  • Opportunity to own an at-home food waste diversion solution at a cost well below market prices.

  • Support climate change goals by reducing waste going to the landfill.

  • Ability to fertilize your garden soil by generating a nutrient-rich soil amendment.

  • Reduce the “ick factor” of garbage to keep animals and vermin away.

  • Reduce trips to the landfill and save on excess waste fees where applicable.

What is required of me? 

Not much!

  1. Register online and purchase a FoodCycler™ from your municipality at a subsidized cost.
    (100 FoodCycler™ machines are available to be purchased by residents of Temiskaming Shores at a discounted cost of $150 (+ HST) (FC-30 Model - Regularly $500) or $300 (+HST) (Maestro Model - Regularly $800))
  2. Track your use once a week for a period of 12 weeks on the Pilot Project Tracking Sheet.
    (Participants will be asked to track how many "cycles" they run their FoodCycler™ through each week. For example, if you fill your FoodCycler™ up with organic waste and run the machine once per day for a week, you will mark down that you ran your unit 7 times.)
  3. Answer a brief exit survey.
    (At the end of the 12 weeks, participants are asked to fill out an exit survey, providing their review of the program and any other feedback they may have.)

Pilot Project Tracking Sheet

FoodCycler™ Units 


 FC-30 Specifications

The program price for the FoodCylcer™ FC-30 unit is $150.00 (+HST). 

View or print a copy of the FC-30 user manual and the FoodCycler™ Do's and Dont's. 

FC-30 User Manual

FC-30 Do's and Don'ts 


 MAESTRO Specifications

The program price for the FoodCycler™ MAESTRO is $300 (+ HST). 

View or print a copy of the MAESTRO user manual and the FoodCycler™ Do's and Dont's.

MAESTRO User Manual

MAESTRO Do's and Dont's 

3 Simple Steps 90 percent volume reduction

Recycle your food in 3 easy steps

Step 1
Place your food waste into the FoodCycler™ bucket. The FoodCycler™ can take almost any type of food waste, including fruit and vegetable scraps, meat, fish, dairy, bones, shells, pits, coffee grinds and filters, and even paper towels.

Step 2
Place the FoodCycler™ bucket into your FoodCycler™ machine. The FoodCycler™ machine can be used anywhere with a plug such as a kitchen countertop, basement, laundry room, heated garage, etc.

Step 3
Press Start. In 8 hours or less, your food waste will be transformed into a nutrient rich soil amendment that can be integrated back into your soil. The cycle runs quietly and with no odours or GHG emissions.

View a FoodCycler™ video explaining the steps. 

Explanation Video 

Contact Information

City of Temiskaming Shores 

To learn more about the Pilot Program, please contact your municipal program lead:

Sarah Goodyear
Communications Coordinator
Phone | 705-672-3363 ext. 4139 
Email | sgoodyear@temiskamingshores.ca

FoodCycler Support Team 

For general inquiries or technical support, please reach out to the FoodCycler™ Support Team via email:

Email | info@foodcycler.com
Please title your support ticket |Temiskaming Shores - Pilot Program 

We may require proof of purchase to validate your warranty period. Please keep your receipt.  Please do not disassemble the FoodCycler™. Disassembling the FoodCycler™ will void the standard manufacturer's warranty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much energy does the unit consume?

Each cycle consumes approximately 0.8-1.5 KWH per cycle, which is roughly equivalent to having a desktop computer running for the same amount of time as the cycle. Depending on where you live, using the FoodCycler™ regularly should not cost you more than $2-$4 per month. The FoodCycler™ has built-in sensor technology that monitors the dryness and humidity of the food waste. Once complete, the unit will stop the cycle automatically. 

How long does the cycle last?

In the FoodCycler™ Maestro, a typical cycle takes between 4-9 hours for the food waste to become completely dehydrated and processed into the by-product. For the FC-30 units it takes 4-8 for the food waste to become completely dehydrated and processed.

The time needed depends on the amount of food waste being processed, the density of the food wastes and the moisture levels contained in each. Please note that these estimates exclude the unit's cooling time which lasts less than a half hour on average.

How long will my filters last?

The carbon filters last between 3-4 months with regular use, or 500 cycle hours. The life expectancy of the carbon filters is determined by the moisture content of the food waste, and the natural odours of the food waste. Denser, wetter and smellier food wastes will go through filters much faster than simple veggie scraps and eggshells. The filter light sensor is a guide only - the best indication of whether your filters require replacement is odour. Please see your device manual for instructions to reset the filter light. 

Additional filters may be purchased online from FoodCycler™. Visit the FoodCycler™ Website. 


Where can I purchase additional supplies?

Additional filters and other accessories may be purchased online from FoodCycler™. Products purchase offer is available exclusively to residents participating in FoodCycler™ partner communities.

  • FC-30 Bucket.
  • FC-30 Carbon Refills.
  • Maestro Bucket.
  • Maestro Carbon Refills.

Visit the FoodCycler™ Website. 


Where can I store the FoodCycler™?

Nearly any covered area with access to an outlet. The FoodCycler™ must be in a closed, dry environment where there is no risk of it being rained on or otherwise subjected to the elements. Possible locations include heated garages, basements, pantries, or your kitchen.

  • Ensure that the unit is sitting on a flat, dry surface.
  • Do not store the unit next to heaters and kitchen appliances which generate significant heat.
  • Do not store the FoodCycler™ outdoors, or in any place where it is likely to get wet or subjected to below freezing temperatures.
  • Ensure the unit has adequate space surrounding the unit for proper ventilation.
  • Do not block any vents on the unit or place any objects on top of the lid during operation.

What is the FoodCycler™ by-product Foodilizer? 

Foodilizer is a dry, almost completely bacteria-free material that is entirely composed of food waste that you have processed in the FoodCycler™. Because of the organic items contained in it, it is chock full of nutrients: including the all-important nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium! 

How to use Foodilizer
  • Fertilize your garden (mix into your soil in your garden or potter plants like fertilizer.). 
  • Add it to your composter (mix into your existing backyard composter). 
  • Give it away (give it to family and friends who garden or compost. Donate it to a local farmer or community garden to use a fertilizer). 

Visit the FoodCycler™ Website for additional information on the FoodCycler™ by-product, Foodilizer.