Ball Diamonds


The City of Temiskaming Shores maintains seven ball diamonds of various sizes including five lit diamonds.  Ball diamonds are used by Men's, Women's, Mixed, and Youth leagues from May to September.  Rentals can be completed by contacting the city at:
Phone | 705-672-3363
Email |

Overview of three New Liskeard Ball Diamonds

Dymond Ball Fields 

Dymond Sports Park on Laurette Street, is located in the Dymond Subdivision. The two fields at the Dymond Ball Park are home to the Temiskaming Shores Minor Ball program which has teams from t-ball to 17 years. A concession stand and washrooms are open seasonally.

New Liskeard Ball Fields 

Algonquin  Regiment  Memorial  Beach  Park  is  located at 490 White Drive in New Liskeard. These ball fields are available for youth, men, women and mixed leagues. Two fields are equipped with lighting to allow for night-time games and there are washroom facilities available seasonally.

Haileybury Ball Fields 

Rotary Farr Park is located at 430 Morissette Drive in Haileybury. Rotary Farr Park is home to two fields that host adult and youth ball. These fields are both equipped with lighting for evening games and washroom facilities are available seasonally

Club Contact Information 

Temiskaming Shores Mixed Slow Pitch
Theo Cull
Phone| 705-622-2578
Email |

Men's Slow Pitch
Abe Doupe
Phone | 705-676-5300
Email |

Ladies' Slow Pitch
Melissa Lacarte
Phone | 705-648-5182

Rural Youth Mixed League
Alex Regele
Phone| 705-648-5132
Email |

 Basketball Courts


Basketball net and half court

There are four basketball courts within the City of Temiskaming Shores. They are located in Dymond and Haileybury with two in New Liskeard.


3 on 3 court within Dymond Firefighters Park on Laurette Street. 

New Liskeard 

Full court at the Pool and Fitness Centre on 77 Wellington Street. 

Full court at the Lions Court on the New Liskeard Waterfront


3 on 3 court in Rotary Farr Park on 430 Morissette Drive. 

Club Contact Information 

New Liskeard Mens Basketball
Alex Regele
Phone| 705-648-5132
Email | 

Tri-Town Lades Basketball
Davanna Allen
Phone | 705-662-1824
Email |
Facebook | Tri-Town Ladies Basketball League 

Soccer Fields


Empty soccer field and Farr Park Washroom buildingThere are six soccer fields maintained by the City of Temiskaming Shores.  Fields are available for rental by contacting the City at (705) 672-3363 or emailing

New Liskeard Soccer Fields

Location | Algonquin Regiment Memorial Beach Park,  New Liskeard  

There are two soccer fields available for youth and adult soccer; one large and one mini field.   

Haileybury Soccer Fields 

Location | Rotary Farr Park, 430 Morissette Drive, Haileybury

There are four mini soccer fields at Rotary Farr Park in Haileybury that are suitable for youth soccer. These fields are home to the Tri Town Soccer Club and host various Summer Soccer Camps.

Club Contact Information 

Tri-Town Soccer Club
Email |
Facebook | Temiskaming Shores Soccer Club  

 Tennis / Pickleball / Volleyball Courts 


There are two, tennis centers located within the City of Temiskaming Shores.  Each tennis center has nets for regular tennis play as well as pickleball.  Lights are available at the New Liskeard Tennis Courts until 10pm each evening on demand.  

New Liskeard Lion's Courts

Empty basketball courtTwo tennis courts and four Pickleball courts are available for use throughout the summer months. Located at 78 Wellington St. South, across from the Pool and Fitness Centre. 

Haileybury Tennis Courts 

Empty tennis courtTwo tennis courts available for use throughout the summer months. Located at 430 Morissette Dr, Haileybury within Rotary Farr Park. 

Volleyball Courts 

Three empty beach volleyball courtsThree beach volleyball courts are maintained within Algonquin Regiment Memorial Beach Park in New Liskeard.  Nets are placed to allow for free use throughout the summer months. 

Club Contact Information 

Beach Volleyball
Nikki Cambridge 
Phone | 705-676-5925
Email | 

Temiskaming Shores Pickleball Club
Email |
Facebook | Temiskaming Shores Pickleball

Other Facilities 

Carter Antila Memorial Skatepark 

In July of 2011, a young man by the name of Carter Antila lost his life in a tragic accident. He had an infectious smile (with a glint of mischief for good measure) and cultivated good friends wherever he went. From a young age Carter had been an avid skater. He was a true ambassador of the sport - demonstrating that skateboarding is as much about creative athleticism and fun as it is about individuality, confidence and respect. At the age of twelve he made a presentation to the New Liskeard Recreation Committee requesting that the municipality consider building a permanent park. Unfortunately, at that time, his request could not be fulfilled. He did not let this deter him from pursuing the sports and lifestyle he loved - enjoying his time to the fullest, working hard at what he loved, and never taking life too seriously. Following his accident, Carter's family created a Memorial Fund in his honour with the express purpose of building a permanent Skate/BMX Park in the City of Temiskaming Shores. The City, along with the Antila family and a group of independent volunteers, worked with a wide network of community members to fundraise for the park and guide the construction to completion.  

This state of the art park located at the New Liskeard Algonquin Regiment Beach Park officially opened June 21, 2014.

Empty skatepark overlooking the lake

Riding Ring 

Three girls on horses in the riding ring

The City of Temiskaming boasts a 225' x 115' sand riding ring right next to downtown New Liskeard.  Home of the New Liskeard Fall Fair this facility is available to the public for use throughout the summer month. A no-cost permit from the City of Temiskaming Shores is required to use the riding ring.  Ring usage must be booked through the City. 

Ring users must provide the City of Temiskaming shores with a copy of their current year's liability insurance.  A signed waiver of liability is also required and can be obtained by contacting the city. You may also view or print a copy of the form. 

City of Temiskaming Shores Riding Ring Request Form

City Hall
Phone | 705-672-3363
Email |