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Animal Care & Control Pilot Program

For general inquiries or for assistance, please contact City Hall. If this is an Animal Control matter please contact the Animal Control Officer at 705-650-2378.

If you're looking to purchase a pet tag, renew a tag, or update personal or pet information please visit the Online Portal.

For complaints, comments or concerns please complete the Ratepayer Comment Form found under Quick Links.

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Animal Control By-law 2013-051

Ratepayers Comment Form

Why purchase a tag for my dog or cat?

Registering pets is necessary to properly identify companion animals in our community. Tags are proof of ownership so that animals may be returned to their owners sooner, often by neighbours, without incurring additional costs. 

When do I need to purchase a tag for my dog or cat?

Every owner of a dog or cat must purchase a tag on or before January 1st each year that he or she is the owner of the dog or cat.

Every person who becomes the owner of a dog or cat after January 1st, shall purchase a tag within 7 days of becoming the owner and on or before January 1st of each year after that.

You do not have to purchase a tag for your dog or cat until the dog or cat reaches 12 weeks old.

What information do I need to provide when I purchase an animal tag?
  • Name, physical address and telephone number of the owner of the dog or cat
  • Name of the dog or cat
  • Description of the dog or cat
  • Information about whether the dog or cat has a microchip implanted or has been tattooed
  • Disclose if the animal is a service animal, livestock guardian dog or herding dog
  • Proof of spay or neuter
  • Tag fee
How much does a dog or cat tag cost?

Renewal Dog or Cat up to December 31st - $10.00

Renewal Dog or Cat effective January 1st - $20.00

New Pet Licence Dog or Cat - $20.00

Replacement Tag - $10.00


Where can I purchase a tag?

Depots selling dog and cat tags are at the following locations:

  • City Hall - 325 Farr Drive Haileybury
  • The Temiskaming Shores Library - 285 Whitewood Ave. New Liskeard
  • K9 to 5 Doggie Daycare - Highway 11 New Liskeard
  • Temiskaming Veterinary Services - 191 Drive Inn Theatre Road New Liskeard
  • Animal Hospital - Highway 11B New Liskeard
  • Pet Valu - Highway 65 New Liskeard
  • Animals First - 60 Scott Street New Liskeard


Pets & Emergencies

For information about protecting your pets during an emergency, please click on the following links:



How many dogs and cats can I have?

You can have 5 dogs and 5 cats. However, if you are in an agricultural area, you are permitted to have any number of Livestock Guardian Dogs and Herding Dogs for agricultural uses.

Are there rules about other types of animals that I can have?

Yes, the City's Animal Control By-law also regulates the keeping of other animals such as rabbits, mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, snakes, and lizards.  For information about the keeping of animals other than dogs and cats, please refer to the Animal Control By-law or call the Animal Control at 705 650 2378.

When should I call Animal Control?

Some reasons that you may wish to call animal control are:

  • To report that you dog or cat is missing
  • To file a complaint about a dog or cat such as excessive noise, or a dog or cat is on your property without your consent
  • If you find a stray dog or cat
  • If you see a dog or cat that is off its leash or not under effective control of a responsible person
  • If you are attacked by a dog or cat
  • If an owner does not remove and dispose of excrement left by a dog or cat on public property or on private property without the consent of the property owner (poop and scoop).
How do I contact Animal Control?

The number to call is 705-650-2378. If there is no answer, please leave a message. The Animal Control Officer is usually out in the community, not in the office. The Animal Control Officer will respond to your call as soon as possible.

Animal Control Services are provided from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. There are no Animal Control Services provided on Sunday or Statutory Holidays.

The Animal Control Officer will only respond to a call after hours if the call is an emergency. An example of an emergency is an incident involving a vicious dog or cat where another animal or a person is injured. If you have an emergency and cannot reach the Animal Control Officer, you may wish to call 911 and ask for the Police.

Reporting Animal Neglect & Abuse

This contact can be used if you are concerned about an animal in Ontario.

1-833-9-ANIMAL  (Ontario Animal Protection Call Centre)

Call this number if an animal (for example, a pet, farm animal, or wild animal in captivity) is in distress or being neglected. This includes animals that:

  • are injured, in pain, sick, suffering or abused
  • lack proper care, water, food or shelter
Is there a dog off-leash area in the City?

Yes, Murray Daniels Park off of Lakeview Drive and Larocque's Field on Cobalt Street in North Cobalt is an area that dogs are permitted to be off-leash.

Are there areas in the City where animals are prohibited?

Yes, animals are prohibited in areas such as schools, beaches, parks, and cemeteries.  For a complete listing of prohibited areas, click here.