About the Plan

Community Safety and Well Being plans were legislated under the Police Services Act, 1990.  As part of the legislation, municipalities were required to develop and adopt community safety and well-being plans working in partnership with a multi-sectoral advisory committee comprised of representation from the police service board and other local service providers in health/mental health, education, community/social services and children/youth services.

Additional requirements are also outlined in the legislation pertaining to conducting consultations, contents of the plan, monitoring, evaluating, reporting and publishing the plan. This approach allowed municipalities to take a leadership role in defining and addressing priority risks in the community through proactive integrated strategies that ensure vulnerable populations receive the help they need from the providers best suited to support them.

Municipalities were provided the flexibility to engage in community safety and well-being planning individually, or in partnership with neighbouring municipalizes to develop a joint plan.

On December 3, 2021 Council passed Resolution Number 2019-633 supporting a District-wide approach in the development of the Community Safety and Well-being Plan. All 23 municipalities in the District as well as the Municipality of Temagami agreed to participate and DTSSAB agreed to be the lead organization in the development of the plan. An RFP was awarded in March of 2021 to complete the project.

 An oversight committee made up of representatives from DTSSAB, The Timiskaming Health Unit (THU), the City of Temiskaming Shores and the Town of Kirkland Lake was struck. Additionally, a multi-sectoral advisory committee was created. Community, business, agency and organization engagement, public engagement sessions as well as public surveys were utilized for data collection.  Two half day workshops with the Advisory Committee allowed for substantial input regarding the content of the plan

In June 2022, Council official adopted the Timiskaming District Community Safety and Well-Being Plan.


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