Industrial Business Park 

Dymond Industrial Park 

In 1983, the Township of Dymond purchased an estimated 36.4 ha [90 ac.] adjacent to Highway 11
southwest of New Liskeard to create 5 lots available for new industrial uses in what has become the Dymond Industrial Park. In 1988 the Council of the Township of Dymond installed a nominal water supply to attract new investment.

More recently, the City has installed new roads to make 24 lots available for development and has successfully sold 18 of these lots for 13 new businesses with an anticipated total floor space of 5,4831 m2 [52,000ft.2]

The Dymond Industrial Park is in a prime location directly adjacent to Highway 11, northeastern Ontario's primary transportation artery. The City plans to extend this park further south to take advantage of this location.  This will add a further 32 ha [80 ac.] of land. Extending Radley Hill Road west of Highway 11 will open up another entrance to the industrial park.

View or print a copy of available lots in the Dymond Industrial Park. 

Map of Available Lots

Haileybury Industrial Park 

New industrial-type development has been encouraged to establish in the Haileybury Industrial Park, located immediately outside the town west of the rail line.

In the park there currently exists a bus depot and an automotive repair shop, in addition to several other uses. The park is in an excellent position for industrial development as it is close to the built-up area of Haileybury and is also adjacent to the rail line.

Within the park on the west side of Niven Street South, there are two privately owned parcels.

  • The parcel north of Boart-Longyear is 18.2 ha [45 ac.] with access to municipal services
  • The second parcel of 15 ha [37 ac.] is unserviced.

New Liskeard Industrial Park (Craven Crescent)

The City has a further area where industrial development is being promoted. This area, directly adjacent to the south of the intersection of the rail line and Highway 11, known as the New Liskeard Industrial Park or Craven Crescent Industrial Park, has the potential to accommodate prestige industrial businesses.

Eleven parcels of approximately 0.4 ha [1 ac.] each area available. However, extensions to road, water and sewer services are required. There are several existing uses in the park including a tire shop and two processing plants.

This industrial park serves as the gateway into Dymond and New Liskeard along Highway 11 and the development of this land needs to be sensitive to the visual impact a gateway can have on a community. A scenic lookout point on the highway south of this site overlooking New Liskeard and the communities and farmland to the north has a direct line of sight of this area.

Shepherdson-Clover Valley Industrial Area

There are also several industrial uses to the east of Highway 11 along Clover Valley Road and Shepherdson Road. This is part of a larger complex of mixed institutional and industrial uses that include the Timiskaming and District Hospital, a Hydro One facility, Scott Canoes and Three-H Manufacturing (furniture manufacturer). Several large contiguous parcels of land in this area are available as employment lands for future development.

These include:

  • A 25 ha [60 ac.] parcel on the southwest corner of the Radley Hill Road and Clover Valley Road (privately owned)
  • A 14 ha [35 ac.] parcel of land between Shepherdson Road and Highway 11 on the north side of the Radley Hill Road which is privately owned.
  • A 35 ha [87 ac.] of City-owned land northeast of the Hospital and south of the recycling depot.