picture of 2023 reading challenge

Recently I have signed up to join Goodreads online. I like to use it to find recommendations based on books I have already read, or to see what authors write similar genres.

When making my account, one of the questions it asked was how many books do you want to read this year? (As in 2023). I put 12, thinking that I wouldn't read that many since I’m busy with my two little kiddos. Surprise to me, when I looked up all the books that I have read, the number was sitting at 19 and counting.

Who has a reading challenge or reading goal that they have set for 2023? I am thinking to aim higher for my 2024 Reading Challenge! Below is a chart you could use to track your reading. You could also use Goodreads, your notes on your phone, or an app. HAPPY READING!

Print off your book tracker here!


picture of a book tracker document