Cowboy on a horse standing on a cliff

National Day of the Cowboy falls on the fourth Saturday of July. A brief history of this day can be found from that informs the reader of this national day first being proposed by the organization National Day of the Cowboy as a bill to the state of Wyoming back in 2005. This bill proposed to preserve and celebrate cowboy culture and history in the state.  This bill was passed and by the end of July 2019, 15 different states also passed this bill. This organization has raised awareness through items with history museums, country fairs and rodeos.

Temiskaming Shores Public Library welcomes its patrons to celebrate this National Day of the Cowboy by picking out a title to read this summer. TSPL keeps a section dedicated to the western genre where most of the following titles may be found.

Here are a few that might interest you:

Rough Justice

Rough Justice by Ralph Compton (WX COM) - This novel includes two tales. The first, a story of vengeance as outlaws murdered a man by the name of Daniel Strange. Now someone that goes by the same name is setting off to kill every man involved in his murder. Following this is a tale of two siblings having to find their long-lost sister.



The Jackals

The Jackals by William Johnstone (WX JOH) - A trio paid $5,000 to deliver a blood-soaked stash while being hunted by Apaches and the Vengeful Hawkin gang. Perfect for fans of The Hateful Eight.



Behind the Iron

Behind the Iron by William Johnstone (WX JOH #2) - An undercover prison novel with Hank Fallon looking to find the location of stolen cash before a riot breaks out and gets him killed.




Noose by Eric Red (WX RED) - A bounty hunter gets framed by his less-than-honest colleagues and put on a wanted poster planning to hunt the protagonist, Joe Noose, down. Meanwhile Noose as other plans.



Shepherd's Hut

The Shepherd’s Hut by Tim Winton (FIC WIN) - An Australian western. Our protagonist, brutalized by his butcher father, has to go on the run fearing he will be accused of his father’s accidental death. He meets up with a solitary priest hiding in the outback and they develop a wary companionship only to later discover they are not as isolated as they thought.



Fifty Fifty

Fifty Fifty by James Patterson (LP PAT or FIC PAT) -  A Detective Harriet Blue title. Sam Blue stands accused of brutal murders of three young students. His sibling, the protagonist, is determined to prove his innocence except that she has been banished an outback town in an attempt to stop the massacre of the entire town.


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