Picture of book covers

Are you an avid podcaster? Do you find yourself listening to true crime? Some of my favourite podcasts are: Dateline, Canadian True Crime, Crime Junkie, Morbid, and The Deck. If any of those rings a bell to you, here are some thriller books that I have enjoyed, and you may too.

 The Serial Killer’s Wife- Alice Hunter

The Serial Killer’s Daughter- Alice Hunter

I Know Who You Are- Alice Feeney

Sometimes I Lie- Alice Feeney

Verity- Colleen Hoover

Then She Was Gone- Lisa Jewell

What Have We Done- Alex Finlay

Don’t Believe It- Charlie Donlea

Someone We Know- Shari Lapena

If you have ever listened to a podcast and wanted to try a different form of audio, the TSPL offers a variety of audiobooks through CD, CELA, and online through Libby.