Northern lights

A family tradition is an activity or pattern of behavior that reflects a family’s values, interests, or beliefs. Once established, it will hopefully be passed down through the generations. It represents your specific family unit and is like your own family culture. 

The traditional family is less common today than previous generations. Blended families, extended families, couples without children, and chosen families all have traditions too. 

With Christmastime coming near I want to share one of my family’s traditions. Every Christmas Eve my family opens one present, typically a pair of pyjamas. We all settle in and read the Night Before Christmas.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, or not. I believe it is of the greatest gifts to have traditions throughout the year. Does you family have traditions?

Some common traditions are:

  • Friday movie nights
  • Decorating the Christmas tree together
  • Celebrating the full moon
  • Sunday dinners as a family
  • Camping every long weekend
  • Visiting a pumpkin patch each Fall
  • Going on a family walk every Saturday
  • Having breakfast for dinner once a week
  • Making care packages around the Holidays

And so much more!!!

Visit the Temiskaming Shores Public Library to check out some Christmas books, movies, and board games to start a new tradition.