National Indigenous History Month Logo: An eagle representing First Nations, a narwhal representing Inuit, and a violin representing Métis. These illustrations are placed around the sun and surrounded by multicoloured smoke that represents Indigenous traditions, spirituality, inclusion and diversity.

The House of Commons designated June as National Aboriginal History Month in 2009. The name was changed to National Indigenous History Month in 2017.

The Temiskaming Shores Public Library boasts a number of great indigenous authors and their works in our collection. Authors like Wab Kinew, Angeline Boulley, Tomson Highway, Michelle Good, Joseph Boyden and others, including my favourite, Richard Wagamese.

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Mr. Wagamese at a library conference where I attended a workshop he gave on the importance of storytelling. He was an incredible speaker/storyteller as well as a magnificent author.

We started up an Afternoon Book Club this past January and the first book we read was Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese. There were twelve people in our club and when it came time to discuss the book there were only eleven who could make it to the meeting. All eleven member of the Afternoon Book Club loved the book and couldn’t seem to say enough good things about it! I must say, I wasn’t surprised.

You will find many books by and about Canada’s indigenous people here on the shelves at the Temiskaming Shores Public Library. If you need help finding any, please just ask our friendly staff for assistance, we’re always happy to help.

Following are some of the great titles by some wonderful indigenous authors:


Photo Gallery: National Indigenous History Month Books will appear here on the public site.