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It’s almost the new year. A time when we start to think about changes we’d like to make in our lives. Many people make New Year’s resolutions but have a hard time sticking with them.

Here are some ways to help your resolutions stick:

Be specific. Instead of saying, “I want to be more active,” try “I want to walk for 10 minutes a day.”

Start with a few small changes instead of going full out. “I want to walk for 10 minutes a day,” is a reachable goal rather than, “I want to start out by walking an hour a day.” If you have an hour to walk each day, that’s great. By starting with a smaller increment, you’re more likely to develop it into a habit and you can add on extra time from there.

Make the goal personal. Instead of thinking, “I want to be more active,” ask yourself why. A response could be, “I want to be more active so I can be healthier, which will allow me to do more with my family.” If you know your why and make it personal, the goal is more likely to stick.

If you are making some New Year’s resolutions, TSPL might have some books to help you out! Below are some of the more common resolutions and books we have that could be useful.


If you’re looking to eat healthier, we have some books that could help you discover some new recipes.

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Maybe you want to save money or spend smarter. We have several books with tips and tricks on how to save.

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Mental health is important and effects many areas of our lives. If you want to strengthen yours, here are some books that may help.

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One of the most common resolutions is to exercise more. TSPL has some books that might help. Remember, it’s important to check with a health care provider before starting a new workout routine if you have underlying health conditions.

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If you want to learn a new hobby, you can visit the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Centre!


Learning a new language could be a fun resolution. You can try Mango Languages with your library card! (Watch for Mango Languages programs coming to TSPL in 2023)


However you want to better yourself, it’s possible TSPL has a book or online resource to help you to be the best version of yourself that you can be this year.