Picture of lemonade

Every year, the first Sunday in May is deemed “National Lemonade Day.” It is a great way to promote entrepreneurship among young people as they learn about business and finances by making and selling lemonade. Kids can keep track of costs, sales and profits. Tracking can help them learn about money management.

Steps for a lemonade stand:

Step one: Create a budget; how much you should charge in order to cover supplies (cups, ingredients etc).

Step two: Set a realistic price based on cost of supplies and value.

Step three: Purchase Supplies

Step Four: Marketing; tell friends and family, make eye-catching signs, tie balloons to your stand, set up near a popular even or place.

Step Five: Customer service; greet customers, be polite, and thank them for their business. Use your math skills for right pricing and change. You will need a cash with a cash float in it to start.

Step six: Make lemonade, set up your stand, and sell!!

Step seven: HAVE FUN!

Here is a picture of my children selling lemonade last year!