Rainbow colours that represent Pride month

June is LGBTQIA PRIDE month.  Here at the Temiskaming Shores Public Library we have been making concerted efforts to be as inclusive and diverse with our collections as we can. Our aim is to see representation of people from all walks of life, regardless of their culture, race, religion, or sexual orientation included on our bookshelves. 

No matter how young or old we are, we all like to see people who look like us, or feel the way we do, and live in places similar to ours, represented in the books we read or see on the shelves at our public libraries.  This is comforting and allows us to feel included, recognized, acknowledged.  This is a wonderful feeling and we hope that everyone who visits the library feels that they’ve been included and welcomed.  Please know that we will continue to improve our collections diversity.

Some children’s titles that we have in our stacks that relate to the LGBTQIA community are:

Photo Gallery: Children LGBTQIA books will appear here on the public site.

Some titles in the LGBTQIA theme that we have for our young adult readers include:
Photo Gallery: YA LGBTQIA Books will appear here on the public site.




In our adult fiction collection some books featuring an LGBTQIA theme include:

Photo Gallery: Adult LGBTQIA Books will appear here on the public site.