picture of spring flowers

Is Springtime Your Time to Clean?

I have noticed that my home has been collecting and collecting items, from baby clothes to extra décor. All things that are taking up space in my home and mind. With springtime right around the corner, I have found that it is the perfect time to minimize my “collection.”

I have started by embarking on a decluttering journey in my basement. It has become more than just tidying up physical spaces; it's a mindful process that extends beyond my home. As I sift through forgotten treasures and unused items, the decision to donate them brings a sense of purpose and joy. Knowing that my pre-loved belongings will find new homes not only lightens the load in my basement but also uplifts my spirit. The act of giving back impacts my mind, creating a connection between a clutter-free space and a clutter-free mind. It's a refreshing reminder that sometimes, a simple act, like decluttering can be such a freeing process.

Is springtime your time to clean?! 

In Temiskaming Shores there are many places to donate. Here are a few: the Pavillion Women’s Shelter, The Salvation Army, Hidden Treasures, Diabetes Canada clothing bins, and local churches.