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To continue to promote children’s reading over the summer even though they’re not in school, the Temiskaming Shores Public Library has created, in both English and French, a TD Summer Reading Club Youth Reading Challenge.  This makes it a little more challenging, as they need to choose books that meet the criteria of six of the eight offered challenges. We think this also offers an element of fun, and best of all there will be a random draw on Saturday, August 26 and one lucky winner will win a prize for all their dedication in completing the tasks assigned to them in a timely manner. Think of it as a bonus on top of all the extra reading that will keep them at, or above the level they ended with at the end of June. They’ll be starting the new school year ahead of the game when it comes to reading.

We’ve had patrons ask if pre-readers can participate in this challenge if an adult is reading books to them, and we’ve agreed to allow that. Our reasoning is that enjoying books is always a benefit and it certainly helps to create good reading habits at an early age. When it comes time for the random draw, if the form drawn is for a child under five years of age, they will win a prize, but we will draw again for a winner that is at least six or over as they are most likely having to put in more time and effort and we don’t want them to be left out of the drawing.

The eight challenges we’ve come up with for this challenge are as follows:

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Read a book that happens at camp or a cottage.

Read a Choose Your Own Adventure book.

Read a first book in a series.

Read a book because you love the cover.

Read a book about someone you want to learn about.

Read a graphic novel.

Read a book that features a library in it.

Read a book that takes place somewhere you’d love to visit.


The rules for the TDSRC Youth Reading Challenge are:

  • You must complete at least six of these reading challenges
  • All books must be borrowed from the TSPL collection
  • Deadline for submission of the form to TSPL is 26 August 2023

Hand in your completed form with your name age and phone number included.

The friendly staff at the Temiskaming Shores Public Library is here to help you find just the right book to help you in this reading challenge. If you’re not sure where to find a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book or the first book in a series that you’d like to read, etc. just ask the person working at the desk.  We’re always happy to help!


Youth Reading Challenge Sheet