Wondering what TSPL staff read?

Here are some books that we have enjoyed and want to recommend to you!


October 2022


The Great Witch of Brittany


“If you enjoy historical fiction, magic,  and strong female main characters, this book is for you! Louisa Morgan’s writing is smooth and the story made it hard for me to put the book down. The story spans the life of Ursule and how she escaped persecution to fulfill her role as a great witch.” - Elesha







This Tender Land




“This historical fiction book tells the story of four orphans who run away from a residential school in Minnesota and set off on an adventure through the Midwest of the United States during the great depression of the 1930’s. The author’s engaging characters and descriptions really drew me into the story!” -Rebecca






Love and Other Words



“This friends to lovers trope resonated with me. To anyone who has ever thought about giving that first love a second chance, or just wants a little tug on their heartstrings, this is a sweet love story that encompasses heartbreak, angst, joy and hardship.” - Jasmin








The Bullet



“This is an Eve Duncan novel so it had familiar characters but also introduced a few new ones.  Another thrilling, time sensitive mission for Eve and the others to pull off.  Very exciting!” - Alison







A Man Called Ove


“This is the first book I found by Backman, and it remains my favorite.  A grumpy, and very sad man, misses his dead wife and wants to give up and join her, but new boisterous neighbors and a stray cat conspire to bring him back to life.  I thought the book was beautifully written and very moving.” - Sharren








My Heart is a Chain Saw




“An award winning horror genre title. For readers looking to scratch that slasher movie itch. A slow-paced novel focusing on hidden truths and a bleak outlook on life. Did I mention the protagonist is not the “final girl” of these tales?” - Cole








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