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Woman reading a book in front of window with lights

Christmas is Fast Approaching by Alison McCorkle

Posted on Wednesday, December 22, 2021 05:43 AM

December 22nd already.  Time is sure flying by, and soon Santa will be flying into our neighbourhoods to drop off gifts for all the good little girls and boys.

I received a call at the library recently, from a young woman who is heading home for Christmas break from her post secondary studies, and she asked if we still offered “mystery bags”.  We sure do! I was thrilled to do the choosing for her. If you’re not familiar with the mystery bags let me tell you how they work.  You call...


Adult Fairy Tales in TSPL by Elesha Teskey

Posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2021 05:08 AM

I have always enjoyed fairy tales and have been delighted with the trend of retellings and the creation of new ones in the past few years. TSPL has several adult books that fit into his category.


Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik

This retelling of Rumpelstiltskin give the tale a new twist. Miryem comes from a family of moneylenders but her father is unable to collect debts, leaving them in poverty. When she takes matters into her own hands and starts to make money, she gains the reputation of...

Two people standing with masks on holding mobile devices

Gadget Helper Program by Cole McNaughton

Posted on Wednesday, December 08, 2021 05:50 AM

With the winter holidays right around the corner it is nearing that time of year when new electronics make their way into our home. Normally new electronics can be a joy to play with and learn all the modern tricks ourselves but sometimes it is easier to have someone else there to aid in any situations when things get overwhelming. Thankfully, the Temiskaming Shores Public Library offers scheduled services to help with this.

Contact us here at the library and let us know what you would like to learn....


The Intriguing World of Biographies, Autobiographies, and Memoirs by Sharren Reil

Posted on Wednesday, December 01, 2021 05:42 AM

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that, in recent years, I am reading a lot more nonfiction and less fiction.  As drawn as I am to adventure and raw determination triumphs over hardship stories, I have also started reading biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs. I did not realize the scope of the offerings we have here at the library until I somewhat accidentally stumbled into that section.  I was shelving one day when our page had called in ill, and wound up in the biography section. ...

Circulation desk at TSPL

TSPL News by Rebecca Hunt

Posted on Wednesday, November 24, 2021 05:03 AM

Programs and activities:

This is just a general reminder that the library does collect contact information for everyone remaining in the library for more than fifteen minutes. The information is kept confidential, is only given to the Timiskaming Health Unit on request, and is kept for 30 days before being shredded.

Until the end of November we have some take away bags with activities in French to celebrate snow! We still have some available to pick up when you have a chance.

Another program that...